We’ve been in school for about a month now, and students (and teachers) are getting adjusted to the new school year. At Brainerd Baptist School, our fourth and fifth graders are challenged with a full daily schedule. Whether it’s cooking or P.E., music or STEM, language or library—students find themselves in unique learning experiences each day.

As I mentioned in the last post, our school’s House System is also taking root during the course of each day. With this being our first year with houses, there have been – and will continue to be – plenty of exciting ‘firsts’ for the students and faculty members involved. In fact, we all participated in the first House Competition last week, and the atmosphere was electric!

House heads worked together to create some engaging challenges, and we wanted to make sure as many students as possible had an opportunity to contribute to their house. As students charged into the gym, they all gathered with their house heads, and within 30 seconds there were four distinct chants echoing throughout the gym. Challenges included a hula-hoop rock-paper-scissors battle, a variation of tag with some definite teamwork required, an intense round of knockout, a timed craft that required making the longest possible paper chain, and a tough riddle.

Each of the events had point values, and students were able to work together for a larger amount of points or contribute individually, depending on the challenge. With the events representing athletic, crafty, and intellectual skillsets – even some chance – all of our students were able to find a place over the course of the inaugural competition.

While it’s been fantastic to see our students embrace the House System and their specific houses and members, it’s been just as enjoyable working alongside other teachers. This experience always brings about creativity, and our first few weeks of houses at BBS would not have been nearly as successful if not for the collaborative effort.

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