I’m too busy to worry about that right now. Maybe next month. Next semester. I’ll start working on it over the summer. Who cares what I have to say anyway? What if no one reads it at all? What if I run out of content?

These are just a few of the fears and excuses I’ve used to put this project off for quite some time. How hypocritical! I work with students in my classroom all the time, encouraging them to ‘take risks’ and ‘avoid letting the fear of failure hold you back.’

It’s time I start practicing what I preach.  

I’m someone who is a curious learner. While this – at times – might take shape through a formal process such as graduate school, conferences, or other professional development opportunities, much of my learning at this stage takes place by informal means. My curiosity often leads me to reading, listening to podcasts, or conversations with others.

Thankfully, I have the opportunity to serve on a team with some amazing educators and mentors. These administrators, teachers, and other members of our faculty consistently push and encourage me. I have also developed relationships with friends and fellow educators on other campuses, and I love sharing and learning with them—questions, thoughts, new events, and even struggles.  

This blog will attempt to provide perspective and insight to all things education. I’ll share some of the formal and informal learning and daily experiences that teach me something new all the time. My hope is for this space to promote the positive experiences impacting the lives of students, families, and the community. I’ll try my best to pass along ideas and learning moments along the way.

As for the excuses listed at the beginning of this post, so what?

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